Friday, October 5, 2012

Tyson's Baptism

A couple weekends ago I went home for Tyson's baptism. It was such a fun weekend with family. We all went out to Lucille's and just spent a lot of good quality time together.
We had a party of 18 for dinner...not everyone was even there.

Nick baptized Tyson. 

Tyson is such a good boy. He's growing up into such a fine little lad. (yes I just said lad). I'm so glad I got to be there for his special day and that I got to see the whole family again (with the exceptions of Erin, Freddy and Bobbie).

Family picture! I was so excited to see Genesee, Leslie, Nick and Tyson who all flew out from Colorado and to see Shauna, Christopher, Andrew and Caden before they leave for Alaska, and Tyler, Melinda, Rylin, Jordyn and Paytin because I live in Utah so I can't see them and of course Mom, Dad and Savannah. It was a fun fun fun weekend trip especially when we were trying to decide who Tyler's favorite sister was (we all know it's me haha jk, I have no idea).