Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013

Another week!

-Sometimes I have to remember that I was 19 once

- Brother Doman (branch presidency counselor) used to live next door to Elder Holland

- Our teacher Hno Russell made us do wall sits to see how we handle stress

- Need + willing = miracles

- "If you're not feeling stress, you're dead." I guess I'm dead

- Hna Moser and I have the same sense of humor and it's awesome. We are laughing all of the time. I love her

- I have memorized Santiago (James) 1:5 in Spanish so that's useful

- We got to hear Elder Perry speak last week, Cheryl S Esplin last week, Sandra Rogers (RS general board) this week, Mary Ellen Edmunds this week! and Elder Marcos Aidukatis (70) this week. I was in the very front row for that and when he was closing he stared at me with a big smile and said "you are where you are meant to be" and so that was like awesome and seriously meant for me.

- Sister McCracken (branch presidency wife) gave me the newspaper clipping of grandma's obituary which was so so so sweet of her. She told me that she liked how gardening was in there three times and also that she knew some Andrus' and I told her I am probably related.

- Use ! It's not sketchy! Thanks Sarah and Melinda! 

- Hna Hilton ran into a cone! It was super funny and I loved it because it wasn't me that ran into it!

- First snow gross

- 2 new investigators (Nancy and Wayne) they don't believe in God. I love it. 

- I saw Brett Barbour and Jordy this week multiple times.

- We got to have Papa John's for dinner one day

- I already opened all 12 days of Christmas....oh well. IT was the best package ever! Thanks Orange Stake Youth!

- Pumpkin marshmallows= best thing ever

- Food at the Provo temple is awesome

Having an all sister's district is a new thing and so we don't have a district leader we have a district sister training leader and 3 of the sisters are going to Hermosillo (Hna Ray, Alvey and I) so we will travel together to answer Melinda's questions and then Hna Moser, Wood and Hilton are going to Villahermosa (same mission as Jordy)

That's all I have now!

Love you all! oh yeah Spanish is fine. Now we are getting to stuff I really have to practice and work on so that will be fun!

First email home!

November 14, 2013

Bullet points are best so

1. I'm in West Campus which means I'm in Wyview and Raintree. You can look it up. We walk everywhere so we have to walk across the street at least (I's a long way). 

2. Only Spanish missionaries are in West Campus so you would think everyone would only speak spanish but english still happens. 

3. My district (six missionaries) are all sisters. Hma Ray (Indiana to Hermosillo) Hma Alvey (Utah Hermosillo) Hma Hilton(my comp, Utah, Villahermosa) Hma Moser (Idaho, Villahermosa) Hma Wood (Arizona, Villahermosa) so we laugh a lot and love that we don't have elders. Also Hma Moser is 20 and all the rest are 19. 

4. I got to call home on Grandma passed away but I got to talk to Mom and i know she is partying with Grandpa, I mean they haven't seen each other in 30+ years so happy day just an unexpected day. Thank goodness for temple ordinances/covenants/promises/blessings/wonderfulness. and the gospel for giving me such a great perspective. 

5. I'm so disappointed Dad is the only one that said anything about Thor 2.

6. We teach fake investigators and I don't really like it but I take it as seriously as I can. 

7. I get up at 6:10 am every morning (I know it's a miracle)

8. I can pray in Spanish and do other things too.

9. I have like 10 hours of study time everyday. It's super cool. 

10. The food is ok. Cookies are the best though.

11. Everyone should look at and send me free mail. 

12. The doctrine of Christ and the purpose of a missionary are one in the same because they both pertain to our eternal progression (yeah I connected the teacher was impressed) Don't worry mom, I'm being humble....

13. English would be so easy.

14. I live an apartment and not a huge dorm style thing so 6 of us share a bathroom instead of a whole floor. 

15. I walk around Provo all the time and I thought I saw my friend Mary as I came out of the temple and even started to run towards her but it wasn't her so that was awkward.

16. I like the MTC...I'm ready to leave and get to Hermosillo but I should probably learn some more things so I'm making the  best of it. 

17. Write me. 

18. Love you all!

19. Have a good time at the funeral this weekend! Wish I could be there. No more parties.....saddest part but esta bien.

Love you all!



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

John Wayne Airport

Savannah, Hermana Sundberg, Erin and Mom at John Wayne Airport. All ready to go. Not too many tears and lots of smiles! So proud of our Sister Katie!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Practically one day more...kind of one and a's all the same

Best of both worlds.
If you would like to write to me there are a few different ways...there are really only two but oh well.
Yes my real name is Kathryn.
With emailing, I will have a limited amount of time but I will try to respond to everyone who emails me. If not just put your address in the email and who knows you might get a letter!
Mailing Address (until December 16)
Hermana Kathryn Grace Sundberg
2023 N 900 E Unit 862
Provo UT 84602
Mailing Address (post December 16)
Hermana Kathryn Grace Sundberg
Mexico Hermosillo Mission
Avenida Garcia Conde #301
Col. Pitic
83150 Hermosillo, Sonora
I would love to hear from everyone!!!!! My connections with the world will be virtually nonexistent so letters telling me about anything will make me oh so happy! I get to the MTC (missionary training center) on Wednesday so START SENDING THOSE LETTERS!
Love you all!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Gift We Can All Use

Warning: There are many references to scriptures in this that are not mentioned. All of my quoting can be found somewhere within between the scriptures or general authority talks.
I know not all people could attend and some people have asked for a copy of my talk and so I am posting it to my blog so here it is. Thank you SO SO SO SO much for all of the support, love, and everything! I love you all!

Good morning. It is a pleasure to have this opportunity to speak in front of family and friends. I have had a lot of time to think about things and one of the questions I keep asking myself is “How on earth did I get to this point in my life?” Many of my thoughts turn back to growing up in the Tustin 4th ward. I was very, extremely, adamantly not going on a mission but here I am today shocking everyone, including myself, leaving in 10 days to serve an eighteen month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What changed?

My heart did. My heart was softened. I thought all this time a hardened heart referred to people like Laman and Lemuel from The Book of Mormon or the Pharisees and Sadducees in the New Testament that eventually had the savior of all mankind crucified. However I was wrong, my own heart was hardened to the idea of going on a mission and I realized that one of the reasons I came to Earth was to help and serve others and what better way is there than to serve a full time mission. I tried rationalizing all of the good things that were happening in my life and how going to stay and finish my last year and a half of school would be the best but the Spirit kept prodding me. My idea of missionary work was skewed for some reason. A missionary's purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored of the gospel of Jesus Christ through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost an enduring to the end.  For some reason this was not the purpose of a missionary to me. I don’t really know what was but this wasn’t it. Finally one night in my apartment I was up by myself, which was unusual, writing in my journal and began writing “I think I should go on a mission, I’ll wait until general conference next week.....” There are about four pages of me going back and forth writing no, yes, since when do I want to serve a mission, am I crazy and at the end of that entry it says "I am going on a mission and that's that".  So I scheduled an interview with the bishop of my ward but I was moving to another apartment complex which meant a new ward, so I met with my new bishop too and then with that stake president and then my papers were in! I was still unsure about going on a mission but I was putting all of my trust in the Lord and prayed for the strength to go through. Despite all my secret hopes, two weeks later I was opening a big, white envelope I had never imagined that I, Katie Sundberg would be opening. I knew that as soon as I opened this letter there was no going back. I was not going to deny any calling. My hands would not stay still, they were shaking like crazy and I was soon reading Sister Sundberg. You are hereby called as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Mexico Hermosillo mission. I about died. Like I said it’s been about five months since I got that call and so I have had a lot of time to think all about the miracle it is that I am going on a mission and the only thing that got me here was trusting in the Lord and depending on the enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

The atonement consists of Jesus Christ's suffering in the garden of gethsemane and his crucifixion on Calvary yet it is so much more than those two sacred events. Each one of us needs the blessings that come from the atonement. Prophets of old foretold of this essential event since the days of Adam. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve lived in the presence of God and were told they could partake of the tree of life but were commanded not to partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam was told that in the day he eats of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he should surely die. From the scriptures we know that Adam and Eve partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and were cast out of the Garden of Eden and with that, cast out of the presence of the Father. This is called the fall.  The fall caused two kinds of death to occur. One, spiritual death meaning separation from God and two, temporal death meaning they would one day die. Adam knew there would be consequences for breaking a commandment of the Lord, there always is. He knew that no unclean thing could dwell in the presence of God yet he longed to be in His presence. Imagine the joy Adam and Eve felt when they found out that a Savior had been prepared for them to redeem them from both types of death.  And so as 1 Corinthians 15:22 says “as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.”  Because of the fall, we are all prone to mortal death and we are all accountable for our own sins. In the second article of faith we are reminded that “we believe that men will be punished for their owns sins and not for Adam’s transgression.” Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer.  His death on Calvary ensures each of us immortality. We will be resurrected. He broke the bands of death. The grave has no victory. (see Mosiah 16:7) We will be able to see and live with loved ones who have passed on again and to be with our families eternally because of Christ’s selfless sacrifice on the cross. Immortality is unconditional. However eternal life, meaning returning to the presence of God is conditional. Christ’s suffering in Gethsemane, his bleeding from every pore, his descending below all things and rising above all things is the part where we must act to receive the blessings that come from His suffering. For if we do not use the atonement it is “as if there was no redemption made” (Mosiah 16:5). The gift of eternal life requires us to have faith in Jesus Christ and in His Atonement and then to repent of the commandments that we ourselves have broken. Our salvation depends upon us. We must have faith that Jesus Christ exists and that he truly makes it possible for us to live in the presence of our Father again. I know that I do not have all of the answers as to the mechanics of how the Atonement works but I know that it does. My faith sustains me. It is our choice whether or not “we come unto Christ and be perfected in Him” as is explained in Mosiah chapter 10 verse 32 in the Book of Mormon.

            Making the atonement a part of our daily lives is simple but just as Naaman in the Old Testament doubted that he could become clean of his leprosy by bathing in the river 7 times or how the children of Israel could be healed of their snake bites just by looking up unto the staff that Moses was raising, our pride creeps into our minds to stop the simple process of gaining the blessings from the Atonement. Our pride leads us to believe that our healing needs to come from some great journey or that something extraordinary need to happen but in reality it is simple, all we need to do is come unto Christ. The extraordinary has already taken place. We just need to have faith. All he asks of us is a broken heart and a contrite spirit. It is a humbling experience. We, who have sinned, only need a broken heart and a contrite spirit but the person forgiving us and leading us to perfection lived a sinless life and paid the ultimate price. What a remarkable gift.

            The process of each of us changing to be more Christlike is going to take a very long time. Just because we haven’t committed any serious sin does not mean that we do not need to ask for the blessings of the atonement in our life. This is my favorite part of the atonement. Not only does Christ’s atonement make it possible for us to be forgiven of our sins but there is the great enabling power or grace that comes with it. This is the power that has and is still moving me forward in going on a mission. I am learning to depend on the Lord. I can do all that I can and then through the atonement and my prayers of asking for added heavenly help, I can do all things. Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”  Through Christ we are strengthened. When we no longer have any strength or power or no more control over a situation, if we turn to the Lord we will be blessed with the added strength and perspective that we need to get through. And if it doesn’t come right away just see it as the great gift of learning patience.  Patience truly is a virtue.

            Just as prophets of old spoke of the atonement of Christ, we have modern day apostles and prophets that testify of Christ. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we have Jesus Christ as the head of the church with a President, President Thomas S Monson, a First Presidency which consists of the President of the Church and two apostles as counselors and then the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles who are all called to be special witnesses of Jesus Christ just as they were when Christ established his church while on the Earth. I sustain these men and know they are called of God. Here are some of the things that these special witnesses have said concerning the atonement of Jesus Christ.

President Boyd K Packer, President of the Quorum of the 12 says “Just as chalk can be removed from a blackboard, with sincere repentance the effects of our transgression can be erased through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. That promise applies in every case.”  (


Elder Richard G Scott of the 12 says “Through the Atonement‍ of Jesus Christ, each of us can become clean and the burden of our rebellion will be lifted. Remember, repentance is not punishment. It is the hope-filled path to a more glorious future.” (

Elder L Tom Perry of the 12 says “Prophecies foretelling the life and mission of Jesus Christ promise us the deliverance that He will provide. His Atonement‍ and Resurrection‍ provide all of us an escape from physical death and, if we repent, an escape from spiritual death, bringing with it the blessings of eternal life. The promises of the Atonement‍ and Resurrection, the promises of deliverance from physical and spiritual death, were declared by God to Moses‍ when He said, “For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality‍ and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39).” (

Elder D Todd Christofferson of the 12 says “Repentance exists as an option only because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” (

President Dieter F Utchdorf of the First Presidency says “With our heart and soul we yearn to become better with the help of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. If these are your desires, then regardless of your circumstances, your personal history, or the strength of your testimony, there is room for you in this Church. Come, join with us!” (

Elder Jeffrey R Holland of the 12 says “Trust in God. Hold on in His love. Know that one day the dawn will break brightly and all shadows of mortality will flee. Though we may feel we are “like a broken vessel,” as the Psalmist says,10‍ we must remember, that vessel is in the hands of the divine potter. Broken minds can be healed just the way broken bones and broken hearts are healed. While God is at work making those repairs, the rest of us can help by being merciful, nonjudgmental, and kind.” (

President Henry B Eyring of the First Presidency says “Heavenly Father has perfect foresight, knows each of us, and knows our future. He knows what difficulties we will pass through. He sent His Son to suffer so that He would know how to succor us in all our trials. We know that Heavenly Father has spirit children in this world who sometimes choose sin and great unhappiness. That is why He sent His Firstborn to be our Redeemer, the greatest act of love in all creation. That is why we must expect that it will take the help of God and time to polish us for eternal life, to live with our Father.” (

Elder Russell M Nelson of the 12 says “We can change our behavior. Our very desires can change. How? There is only one way. True change—permanent change—can come only through the healing, cleansing, and enabling power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.26‍ He loves you—each of you!27‍ He allows you to access His power as you keep His commandments, eagerly, earnestly, and exactly. It is that simple and certain. The gospel of Jesus Christ is‍ a gospel of change!” (

Elder Dallin H Oaks of the 12 says “For Latter-day Saints, God’s commandments are based on and inseparable from God’s plan for His children—the great plan of salvation. This plan, sometimes called the “great plan of happiness” (Alma 42:8), explains our origin and destiny as children of God—where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. The plan of salvation explains the purpose of creation and the conditions of mortality, including God’s commandments, the need for a Savior, and the vital role of mortal and eternal families.” (

Elder David A Bednar of the 12 says “Thus, the enabling power of the Atonement strengthens us to do and be good and to serve beyond our own individual desire and natural capacity.” (

Elder Neil L Anderson of the 12 says “we proclaim our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. All that we are—all that we will ever be—we owe to Him. While we gaze in awe at His majesty, He does not ask us to stay our distance but bids us to come unto Him. “I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him” (

Elder Robert D Hales of the 12 says “Throughout His life the Savior gave of His time, His energy, and ultimately, through the Atonement, gave Himself so that all of God’s children could be resurrected and have the opportunity to inherit eternal life.” (

President Thomas S Monson, President of the Church says “There is one Teacher whose life overshadows all others. He taught of life and death, of duty and destiny. He lived not to be served but to serve, not to receive but to give, not to save His life but to sacrifice it for others. He described a love more beautiful than lust, a poverty richer than treasure. It was said of this Teacher that He taught with authority and not as did the scribes.11‍ His laws were not inscribed upon stone but upon human hearts. I speak of the Master Teacher, even Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind.” (

I believe the words of these men. They truly testify of Christ. Now some of you here today may not believe in God or Jesus Christ or you question your faith or you may not believe and you may question that Christ's suffering in the garden of gethsemane and on the cross at Calvary was of any significance but I know of their reality because I have felt the Holy Ghost testify it to me because I have asked if these things are true.  I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants us to return to him. And knowing that we, as humans, would make mistakes and give in to our carnal desires, he provided a Savior, even his only begotten, Jesus Christ at a time when his own people would not accept him as the man that had been prophesied to be the savior of all mankind. I know that Jesus Christ was not just an extraordinary historical figure but that it is through his completely perfect life and completely selfless sacrifice that we are made clean. I know that when we sincerely ask to be forgiven of our sins and mistakes through earnest prayer to our father in heaven, we can be forgiven and our "sins are remembered no more" and we are then blessed with one of the greatest blessings- a clean conscience and peace in our souls. I know that in life, I cannot do what I have been called to do with just my own strength and I will need to be dependent upon the great gift of the atonement to enable me to do what it is that my father in heaven wants me to do. I can give all that I have and the rest will be filled. Immortality and eternal life are possible because of the great sacrifice that was made by our Savior, our Redeemer, our friend Jesus Christ and I know the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored today. All of the keys, ordinances, covenants and blessings are available to us if we come unto Christ through the restored gospel, have faith in Him and His atonement, be baptized by someone who holds proper authority, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end. I know we have modern day prophets who warn us of the dangers in this turbulent world where the area between right and wrong is getting larger and larger. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the atonement was real and that it was and remains to be the most significant event in all of history. I know these things to be true and if you do not, search, ponder and pray and the truth can be shown to you too. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior amen.


Monday, October 14, 2013

It's the final countdown.

Cynthia and Claire have left and Jordy and I are just waiting and waiting to go! It's hitting me more and more that I am seriously leaving and actually going on a mission.
Please everyone watch Thor: The Dark World along with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and whatever other Hunger Games movies come out and Marvel movies between now and May 2015 and listen to any new songs that Taylor Swift comes out with. It is a mission rule that missionaries don't watch or listen to music and stuff and I probably won't be able to see or hear much in Mexico anyway but still.
On Sunday October 27th, I am speaking in my ward and all are invited to come just message me for the address and stuff and then later that night there will be a fiesta at my house.
I will be getting set apart most likely on Tuesday November 5th and then my flight is on Wednesday the 6th and from there I am off!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

68 days left!

So if anyone has been paying attention to my countdown that doesn't exist anywhere but my head, my report date has been moved up! I now leave November 6 instead of November 13! There have been some visa issues with people getting to Mexico the week of Christmas and so some rearranging has happened and now I'm leaving a week earlier!

Overall I am very excited to go on a mission but I really hate missing out on things and not being in the loop and so leaving friends, family, BYU etc for a year and a half may kill me, but then I remember that there are so many blessings that come from living in this technological age where my friends and family can email me and not only email me but send me pictures of all the wonderful things that are happening in their lives, like WEDDINGS, BABIES, BAPTISMS, WEDEDING DRESS SHOPPING, GRADUATIONS, TV SHOWS(hint, hint you all know who you are) and then care packages can be sent to me (hint, hint) or normal wonderful letters. What a blessing and then I remember I will be just fine just like when I went to BYU two days after graduation and thought I wouldn't make any friends but I have made GREAT friends that will be there forever! I've been very, very blessed.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I hope my Spanish gets better

Melinda was able to get a video of me opening my call and so here it is....
 I was just a little anxious/nervous/excited/terrified/super happy/shocked that this was happening in MY life/every emotion on the planet if you can't tell by my shaking hands but I was so so so so relieved with my call and that pause before saying where I was going is because my eyes read faster than my mouth can talk and I had read Mexico, Heavenly Father truly inspired whichever member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles that assigned me because Mexico has truly been where I have wanted to go pretty much my whole life and now the way has been opened that I can do that and I am so excited. I know that Heavenly Father loves and knows each one of us and if we pray to Him, He will hear and answer our prayers.  November is still a few months away but I am patiently waiting.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear Sister Kathryn Grace Sundberg....

You are herby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Mexico Hermosillo Mission. It is anticipated that you will serve for a period of 18 months.
You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on Wednesday November 13, 2013. You will prepare to preach the gospel in the Spanish language. Your assignment may be modified according to the needs of the mission president.

I'm going to Mexico!!!!!!!

Heavenly Father loves me so much. I am already blessed with a lot of comfort and peace and all of my fears of having to eat orange chicken and learning Russian and trudging in snow are gone away (along with some others).  Now all I have to worry about is getting caught in a drug deal and I can totally handle that!!! I was shaking the whole time I was reading it but no tears came because I was so overjoyed and excited about everything that comes with this call. I'm no longer going to be a complete gringa!
Now I don't leave until November 13th so I have 139 days until I leave (no I didn't count it out, my missionary portal tells me). So if you have any ideas of what I should do with my life and time I am open to suggestions!
So this is my mission
If anyone knows anything about Sonora Mexico, I would love to hear about it! Anything I can learn about the people, the culture, the church, the weather, the food....anything!!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Family History- I am Doing It!

Lately I have been indexing and it's been really fun.  I really love seeing where the people who I index were traveling to either by plane or ship.  Many of them are from the early to mid 1900s but some are earlier. There are some documents that list what jobs people had on the ship. This week I reached 1,000 names that I had indexed! I have had a great example (my mom) who is indexing all of the time. She LOVES family history work and indexing makes it possible for others to find records about their ancestors through censuses and marriages and other documents.
I have also gained a love for the site In order to view this site you have to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but is another great website where you can create pedigree charts and look for your ancestors. It has been really exciting to upload pictures of my relatives to share with others so that their can be a picture to a name. Today my mom sent me a text saying my 10th great grandfather Hezron Leavitt was a juror on a witch trial in New Hampshire in 1680. Now I'm not sure if I'm proud of this but it's history and it brings my ancestors to life for me.
One of the reasons I scrapbook is because it is like my own personal history. I treasure my scrapbooks and every time I am home I look through them and reminisce about the good times I have had and how blessed I have been and even how stupid I have been. A few months ago I went home and Rylin and I looked through some of these books and it was really fun for me. The next time I came home Jordy wanted to look through my books and I knew it was because she had seen Rylin and I look through them and knew that that was a way she could spend some time with me. It was really sweet and Paytin would "look through" them by flipping the pages every two seconds. I keep a journal but having pictures along with the memories are more lasting to me.
Anyway I think everyone should learn more about their ancestors. It's a lot of fun and you learn so much more about yourself.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I LOVE the Book of Mormon

So my blog is completely turning into a missionary blog....oh well. I don't know who even reads this blog but I hope you continue to read.

So I looked through a lot of Mormon Messages videos to find one that I wanted to put on my blog and I loved this one for multiple reasons.

  • I love the Book of Mormon and wanted to share something about it. It is a book filled with TRUTH. Here's a link to it. You don't even have to buy the book.There were ancient PROPHETS that lived on the American continent many years ago. Their lives can help us, in today's modern world, become close to our HEAVENLY FATHER and our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and have the HOLY GHOST in our lives daily.

  • Our modern day prophet PRESIDENT THOMAS S MONSON speaks in the video. His message is short and simple...IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, READ IT! I echo exactly what he said. This book WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Meet with the missionaries or talk with your Mormon friends, they would love to give you a copy.

  • I loved this video because it shows that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is an international church. These youth from Eastern Europe do not speak the same language as me but our feelings about the Book of Mormon are the same. We know it to be the WORD OF GOD.  I love this church because it is truly the restored Church of Jesus Christ. He is the head of the church. It is the only church on the Earth with ALL of the puzzle pieces and when fit together makes a beautiful scene.

  • This video also quotes President Henry B Eyring who is one of Heavenly Father's current APOSTLES. President Eyring, along with President Boyd K Packer, Elder L Tom Perry, Elder Russell M Nelson, Elder Dallin H Oaks, Elder M Russell Ballard, Elder Richard G Scott, Elder Robert D Hales, Elder Jeffrey R Holland, President Dieter F Utchdorf, Elder David A Bednar, Elder Quentin L Cook, Elder D Todd Christofferson, and Elder Neil L Anderson comprise of the First Presidency of the church and the Quorum of the 12 Apostles just as Christ's Church was organized in his day! What a blessing! They are God's mouthpieces today and you can find His words here! 

  • One more reason I love this video is because it shows the faith of these people to follow the prophet. Obedience brings blessings and if we follow his words, we are following God and one thing we especially learn from the Book of Mormon is that OBEDIENCE TO THE COMMANDMENTS BRINGS BLESSINGS and disobedience brings unhappiness and being cut off from God. Who would ever want that? Take the challenge, even if you already have read the Book of Mormon- read it AGAIN!
Well if you haven't been able to tell, my desire to serve a mission is here and there is no stopping me now. I love the Gospel. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to bring the joy and blessings of the Gospel to wherever I am called to serve (I should know in about three weeks max!).  I want people to have the LASTING HAPPINESS that I have because I know there is a great plan, THE PLAN OF SALVATION that is GOD'S PLAN and we have a purpose on this Earth. So read the Book of Mormon....nothing bad will come from it.

Ok Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mormon Helping Hands

About a month ago Dad and I helped out at the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County for Mormon Helping Hands. It was a lot of fun. We got to pack food boxes for those that need a little extra lift. There were lots of people from our stake there that came to help out. Dad was one of the "trash dudes".  That was his obvious job because he is the only one "qualified to take out the trash" at home. We got to wear the best vests in the world! I may have been more excited to wear the vest than to go help out. It's because I knew this is like a prep for when I'm on a mission constantly wearing the Lord's name as one of His servants. I'm getting more and more excited everyday to go and serve the Lord and His people wherever that may be. I would say sorry if this blog turns into a "missionary blog" but I'm not sorry at all. #sorryimnotsorry.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Begin Again

Usually I am not one to say a semester was hard, difficult, or stressful but this one was. 2013 has brought a lot of new things into my life that I haven't wanted to deal with and then I wait and wait until I get woken up to real life with a slap to the face.
I am so glad I am now done with finals but I'm leaving this semester knowing I should have and could have done better. I could blame a lot of things on my lack of focus and determintation but what it comes down to is the choices I made and how I used my time.
So today I am beginning again. I am making a fresh start with this spring semester. A lot of things are about to change and I am confident that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and that his ways are higher than my ways.
With that I announce on my blog that I am going to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This has been a decision I have been thinking about, trying to forget about, pushing aside, waiting on since President Monson's announcement of the age change back in October. Most people that know me will know that this decision did not come from my desire to serve a mission but from my desire to do what Heavenly Father wants me to do.
I am excited for this new experience and am terrified to get my blood drawn next week but I cannot wait to hear where the Lord needs me to be. It's hard to accept that everyone I know here at BYU will be graduated by the time I get back but that does not mean that we will stop being friends because everyone will write to me and won't forget me because I'm me....right?
And so a new chapter in my book begins. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Easter happened while we were still in school so we got a group together who wasn't going home to their families and had a nice dinner. It was really fun and great. I love Easter!
I know the Savior really did rise again. He is the Redeemer of the world. Because of the sacrifice He made, we can all live again with Him and our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and for the knowledge and perspective that we have in regards to life, death, our purposes and so many other things.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Melissa leaves in less than two weeks!

Melissa Yvette Alvarado

Sorry if this sounds like an obituary, I promise it is not. I know Melissa is not dying but is doing pretty much the opposite.

Melissa and I have known each other since 6th grade but did not become real friends until freshman year of high school. We both started playing water polo and obviously we became best friends. She is wonderful and we have had lots of fun times together. I know we will have more fun times but a lot happens within 18 months but who knows what will happen to either of us within these 18 months like I could have two babies (don't worry this most likely will not be happening seeing as I will be married before I have any babies and who knows when that is going to happen).
We have bonded over Taylor Swift. She has a song for everything. We went to two concerts together even though one of them we were seated seperately. This song is our life. (P.S. you have to right click all the links. So just right click everything and then go to copied URL). Usually whenever one of us is sad we will listen to the perfect Taylor Swift songs and all is well again with the world.
We also just like to do really stupidly funny things together like pretend she has duck legs and I have frog legs. Not to mention Taco Bell trips, seminary, mormals, any dances actually but Mormon dances always top the list of dances. We would get our nails done, have sleepovers, get scared at Knott's Scary Farm and other stupid scary places, play at parks, have boyfriends at the same time, learn great dance moves, and other wonderful things. There are way way way too many to mention. Also Melissa when you read this you have to click on every single link. You don't have to watch the whole video on that last one but every other one you do.
And then we graduated from the glorious Tustin High School as Tillers. Because Once a Tiller, Always a Tiller. And so we seperated and thought we would die but we didn't. And so you're going on a mission and I think I will at least die because who will I text at anytime during the day or night and they will know exactly what I was talking about but maybe I won't die and we will both rejoice when we get to see each other again! It will be grand!
Our family has always included you as family and I know you will come back as a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ and your companions will love you and you will have no problem talking to anyone because you are a talker and go teach the people of Africa how Heavenly Father has a plan for each of them! You are going to be great Sister Avacado! Love you and cannot wait to hear all of your stories and experiences!
P.S. I'm very proud of myself for not crying while writing this so you shouldn't either. Also for some reason these are the only pictures on my computer. I have much better pictures somewhere but not on my computer.
Sorry this is a weird link but it was five minutes to midnight like ten minutes ago here and I can't leave out Boys Like Girls.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Fight Nights

Sometimes Mary gets into a really hyper mood and just wants to wrestle with people. Eric is usually around when this happens and he is in the Jiu Jitsu club so he can easily take Mary out but doesn't go all out so that is good and somehow I get mixed in the middle. Here are just a few pictures that document these weird nights.

Yeah this whole fight night thing is not my favorite yet it goes on. No one has gotten seriously injured yet but bruises have appeared. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Our burner caught on fire when Shelby was trying to boil water so that was exciting.
Fun day at The Brittany.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's Up


This past Christmas was great. Genesee, Tyson, Leslie and Nick all came down from Colorado. I came down from Utah and we were all able to see Shauna, Freddy, Christopher, Andrew and Caden before they left to Alaska on their new adventure. We had such a fun time together. I love being with my family. We took "attitude' pictures and helped make some smile bags for operation smile and it was so fun. We had lots of food and laughter and Dad read A Candle in the Window and it was just great. I can never say enough how much I love my family.


During the break I went to Disneyland with Shauna, Freddy and the boys which was so fun. Caden kept calling me Patie and just thought he was so funny. I'm just happy he will let me hold him without completely having a little fit.

Christopher's Baptism

Christopher got baptized while I was home too. That was such a good day. He is such a good boy and tries his very best to do what is right.
For some reason I'm not able to post any pictures so I guess I'll try to post them later.

New Semester

So I've started winter semester and so far so good. I enjoy my classes (I've gone to every single one so far). Last week I walked to school in -2 degree weather. That was cold. It's been in single digits a lot lately. I got a raise at work. I am reading a lot for my classes but I enjoy it so far so it's all good to me. This semseter will be pretty hard but it will be great. I am excited.
Anyway that is what's going on right now!