Monday, October 14, 2013

It's the final countdown.

Cynthia and Claire have left and Jordy and I are just waiting and waiting to go! It's hitting me more and more that I am seriously leaving and actually going on a mission.
Please everyone watch Thor: The Dark World along with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and whatever other Hunger Games movies come out and Marvel movies between now and May 2015 and listen to any new songs that Taylor Swift comes out with. It is a mission rule that missionaries don't watch or listen to music and stuff and I probably won't be able to see or hear much in Mexico anyway but still.
On Sunday October 27th, I am speaking in my ward and all are invited to come just message me for the address and stuff and then later that night there will be a fiesta at my house.
I will be getting set apart most likely on Tuesday November 5th and then my flight is on Wednesday the 6th and from there I am off!

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