Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's Up


This past Christmas was great. Genesee, Tyson, Leslie and Nick all came down from Colorado. I came down from Utah and we were all able to see Shauna, Freddy, Christopher, Andrew and Caden before they left to Alaska on their new adventure. We had such a fun time together. I love being with my family. We took "attitude' pictures and helped make some smile bags for operation smile and it was so fun. We had lots of food and laughter and Dad read A Candle in the Window and it was just great. I can never say enough how much I love my family.


During the break I went to Disneyland with Shauna, Freddy and the boys which was so fun. Caden kept calling me Patie and just thought he was so funny. I'm just happy he will let me hold him without completely having a little fit.

Christopher's Baptism

Christopher got baptized while I was home too. That was such a good day. He is such a good boy and tries his very best to do what is right.
For some reason I'm not able to post any pictures so I guess I'll try to post them later.

New Semester

So I've started winter semester and so far so good. I enjoy my classes (I've gone to every single one so far). Last week I walked to school in -2 degree weather. That was cold. It's been in single digits a lot lately. I got a raise at work. I am reading a lot for my classes but I enjoy it so far so it's all good to me. This semseter will be pretty hard but it will be great. I am excited.
Anyway that is what's going on right now!