Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Katie and Hermana Buendia

March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!! Sadly this holiday is not celebrated here in Mexico so there are not floods of people wearing green everywhere but supposedly Spring Break has started so there have been lots of Americans and cars everywhere! A nice brother from Arizona paid for our tacos last week, blessings blessings, blessings!
Tranfsers were this past Sunday and Hna Buendia and I are still together here in wonderful Puerto Peñasco! We are both excited and both learning lots and lots of things from each other, our investigators, our branch, area, everything. The main thing is to remember to smile, be postive and realize that just because the "results" that I am expecting to see arent always the results the Lord has and that sometimes we have to show our faith in His plan, because this is His work and not mine. 
This week we traveled to Caborca for a multi zone conference with Elder Johnson, the Area President of Mexico and that was fun, We got up at 330 AM and got back to Puerto Peñasco at 630 and then went and taught people until 9 and bed at 1030! Super long day but so worth it. I love the Gospel. Simply brings happiness to life. He taught us about the Plan of Salvation and how Jesus Christ is the only way to get back to our Father in Heaven. Christ is our Savior and our Redeemer. There is only one plan and we can choose to follow it or not but by following the plan, we are lead to eternal life. What more could you want for eternity?
This week a lady we teach was taken to the hospital, we arrived at her house just as the ambulance came, still dont know exactly what happened but the saddest part was that her son was outside smoking and acted as if nothing had happened. LOVE YOUR FAMILY! I love my family and am so grateful for all of the love and support that you all give me! Love you love you all so much! Start getting ready for general conference! 
Anyway just know that all is well here in Mexico, I love you all! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013

Another week!

-Sometimes I have to remember that I was 19 once

- Brother Doman (branch presidency counselor) used to live next door to Elder Holland

- Our teacher Hno Russell made us do wall sits to see how we handle stress

- Need + willing = miracles

- "If you're not feeling stress, you're dead." I guess I'm dead

- Hna Moser and I have the same sense of humor and it's awesome. We are laughing all of the time. I love her

- I have memorized Santiago (James) 1:5 in Spanish so that's useful

- We got to hear Elder Perry speak last week, Cheryl S Esplin last week, Sandra Rogers (RS general board) this week, Mary Ellen Edmunds this week! and Elder Marcos Aidukatis (70) this week. I was in the very front row for that and when he was closing he stared at me with a big smile and said "you are where you are meant to be" and so that was like awesome and seriously meant for me.

- Sister McCracken (branch presidency wife) gave me the newspaper clipping of grandma's obituary which was so so so sweet of her. She told me that she liked how gardening was in there three times and also that she knew some Andrus' and I told her I am probably related.

- Use dearelder.com ! It's not sketchy! Thanks Sarah and Melinda! 

- Hna Hilton ran into a cone! It was super funny and I loved it because it wasn't me that ran into it!

- First snow gross

- 2 new investigators (Nancy and Wayne) they don't believe in God. I love it. 

- I saw Brett Barbour and Jordy this week multiple times.

- We got to have Papa John's for dinner one day

- I already opened all 12 days of Christmas....oh well. IT was the best package ever! Thanks Orange Stake Youth!

- Pumpkin marshmallows= best thing ever

- Food at the Provo temple is awesome

Having an all sister's district is a new thing and so we don't have a district leader we have a district sister training leader and 3 of the sisters are going to Hermosillo (Hna Ray, Alvey and I) so we will travel together to answer Melinda's questions and then Hna Moser, Wood and Hilton are going to Villahermosa (same mission as Jordy)

That's all I have now!

Love you all! oh yeah Spanish is fine. Now we are getting to stuff I really have to practice and work on so that will be fun!

First email home!

November 14, 2013

Bullet points are best so

1. I'm in West Campus which means I'm in Wyview and Raintree. You can look it up. We walk everywhere so we have to walk across the street at least (I know...it's a long way). 

2. Only Spanish missionaries are in West Campus so you would think everyone would only speak spanish but english still happens. 

3. My district (six missionaries) are all sisters. Hma Ray (Indiana to Hermosillo) Hma Alvey (Utah Hermosillo) Hma Hilton(my comp, Utah, Villahermosa) Hma Moser (Idaho, Villahermosa) Hma Wood (Arizona, Villahermosa) so we laugh a lot and love that we don't have elders. Also Hma Moser is 20 and all the rest are 19. 

4. I got to call home on Monday.....so Grandma passed away but I got to talk to Mom and i know she is partying with Grandpa, I mean they haven't seen each other in 30+ years so happy day just an unexpected day. Thank goodness for temple ordinances/covenants/promises/blessings/wonderfulness. and the gospel for giving me such a great perspective. 

5. I'm so disappointed Dad is the only one that said anything about Thor 2.

6. We teach fake investigators and I don't really like it but I take it as seriously as I can. 

7. I get up at 6:10 am every morning (I know it's a miracle)

8. I can pray in Spanish and do other things too.

9. I have like 10 hours of study time everyday. It's super cool. 

10. The food is ok. Cookies are the best though.

11. Everyone should look at dearelder.com and send me free mail. 

12. The doctrine of Christ and the purpose of a missionary are one in the same because they both pertain to our eternal progression (yeah I connected the two...my teacher was impressed) Don't worry mom, I'm being humble....

13. English would be so easy.

14. I live an apartment and not a huge dorm style thing so 6 of us share a bathroom instead of a whole floor. 

15. I walk around Provo all the time and I thought I saw my friend Mary as I came out of the temple and even started to run towards her but it wasn't her so that was awkward.

16. I like the MTC...I'm ready to leave and get to Hermosillo but I should probably learn some more things so I'm making the  best of it. 

17. Write me. 

18. Love you all!

19. Have a good time at the funeral this weekend! Wish I could be there. No more parties.....saddest part but esta bien.

Love you all!



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

John Wayne Airport

Savannah, Hermana Sundberg, Erin and Mom at John Wayne Airport. All ready to go. Not too many tears and lots of smiles! So proud of our Sister Katie!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Practically one day more...kind of one and a half....it's all the same

Best of both worlds.
If you would like to write to me there are a few different ways...there are really only two but oh well.
Yes my real name is Kathryn.
With emailing, I will have a limited amount of time but I will try to respond to everyone who emails me. If not just put your address in the email and who knows you might get a letter!
Mailing Address (until December 16)
Hermana Kathryn Grace Sundberg
2023 N 900 E Unit 862
Provo UT 84602
Mailing Address (post December 16)
Hermana Kathryn Grace Sundberg
Mexico Hermosillo Mission
Avenida Garcia Conde #301
Col. Pitic
83150 Hermosillo, Sonora
I would love to hear from everyone!!!!! My connections with the world will be virtually nonexistent so letters telling me about anything will make me oh so happy! I get to the MTC (missionary training center) on Wednesday so START SENDING THOSE LETTERS!
Love you all!