Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 21, 2013

Another week!

-Sometimes I have to remember that I was 19 once

- Brother Doman (branch presidency counselor) used to live next door to Elder Holland

- Our teacher Hno Russell made us do wall sits to see how we handle stress

- Need + willing = miracles

- "If you're not feeling stress, you're dead." I guess I'm dead

- Hna Moser and I have the same sense of humor and it's awesome. We are laughing all of the time. I love her

- I have memorized Santiago (James) 1:5 in Spanish so that's useful

- We got to hear Elder Perry speak last week, Cheryl S Esplin last week, Sandra Rogers (RS general board) this week, Mary Ellen Edmunds this week! and Elder Marcos Aidukatis (70) this week. I was in the very front row for that and when he was closing he stared at me with a big smile and said "you are where you are meant to be" and so that was like awesome and seriously meant for me.

- Sister McCracken (branch presidency wife) gave me the newspaper clipping of grandma's obituary which was so so so sweet of her. She told me that she liked how gardening was in there three times and also that she knew some Andrus' and I told her I am probably related.

- Use ! It's not sketchy! Thanks Sarah and Melinda! 

- Hna Hilton ran into a cone! It was super funny and I loved it because it wasn't me that ran into it!

- First snow gross

- 2 new investigators (Nancy and Wayne) they don't believe in God. I love it. 

- I saw Brett Barbour and Jordy this week multiple times.

- We got to have Papa John's for dinner one day

- I already opened all 12 days of Christmas....oh well. IT was the best package ever! Thanks Orange Stake Youth!

- Pumpkin marshmallows= best thing ever

- Food at the Provo temple is awesome

Having an all sister's district is a new thing and so we don't have a district leader we have a district sister training leader and 3 of the sisters are going to Hermosillo (Hna Ray, Alvey and I) so we will travel together to answer Melinda's questions and then Hna Moser, Wood and Hilton are going to Villahermosa (same mission as Jordy)

That's all I have now!

Love you all! oh yeah Spanish is fine. Now we are getting to stuff I really have to practice and work on so that will be fun!

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