Thursday, November 21, 2013

First email home!

November 14, 2013

Bullet points are best so

1. I'm in West Campus which means I'm in Wyview and Raintree. You can look it up. We walk everywhere so we have to walk across the street at least (I's a long way). 

2. Only Spanish missionaries are in West Campus so you would think everyone would only speak spanish but english still happens. 

3. My district (six missionaries) are all sisters. Hma Ray (Indiana to Hermosillo) Hma Alvey (Utah Hermosillo) Hma Hilton(my comp, Utah, Villahermosa) Hma Moser (Idaho, Villahermosa) Hma Wood (Arizona, Villahermosa) so we laugh a lot and love that we don't have elders. Also Hma Moser is 20 and all the rest are 19. 

4. I got to call home on Grandma passed away but I got to talk to Mom and i know she is partying with Grandpa, I mean they haven't seen each other in 30+ years so happy day just an unexpected day. Thank goodness for temple ordinances/covenants/promises/blessings/wonderfulness. and the gospel for giving me such a great perspective. 

5. I'm so disappointed Dad is the only one that said anything about Thor 2.

6. We teach fake investigators and I don't really like it but I take it as seriously as I can. 

7. I get up at 6:10 am every morning (I know it's a miracle)

8. I can pray in Spanish and do other things too.

9. I have like 10 hours of study time everyday. It's super cool. 

10. The food is ok. Cookies are the best though.

11. Everyone should look at and send me free mail. 

12. The doctrine of Christ and the purpose of a missionary are one in the same because they both pertain to our eternal progression (yeah I connected the teacher was impressed) Don't worry mom, I'm being humble....

13. English would be so easy.

14. I live an apartment and not a huge dorm style thing so 6 of us share a bathroom instead of a whole floor. 

15. I walk around Provo all the time and I thought I saw my friend Mary as I came out of the temple and even started to run towards her but it wasn't her so that was awkward.

16. I like the MTC...I'm ready to leave and get to Hermosillo but I should probably learn some more things so I'm making the  best of it. 

17. Write me. 

18. Love you all!

19. Have a good time at the funeral this weekend! Wish I could be there. No more parties.....saddest part but esta bien.

Love you all!



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