Monday, March 25, 2013

Melissa leaves in less than two weeks!

Melissa Yvette Alvarado

Sorry if this sounds like an obituary, I promise it is not. I know Melissa is not dying but is doing pretty much the opposite.

Melissa and I have known each other since 6th grade but did not become real friends until freshman year of high school. We both started playing water polo and obviously we became best friends. She is wonderful and we have had lots of fun times together. I know we will have more fun times but a lot happens within 18 months but who knows what will happen to either of us within these 18 months like I could have two babies (don't worry this most likely will not be happening seeing as I will be married before I have any babies and who knows when that is going to happen).
We have bonded over Taylor Swift. She has a song for everything. We went to two concerts together even though one of them we were seated seperately. This song is our life. (P.S. you have to right click all the links. So just right click everything and then go to copied URL). Usually whenever one of us is sad we will listen to the perfect Taylor Swift songs and all is well again with the world.
We also just like to do really stupidly funny things together like pretend she has duck legs and I have frog legs. Not to mention Taco Bell trips, seminary, mormals, any dances actually but Mormon dances always top the list of dances. We would get our nails done, have sleepovers, get scared at Knott's Scary Farm and other stupid scary places, play at parks, have boyfriends at the same time, learn great dance moves, and other wonderful things. There are way way way too many to mention. Also Melissa when you read this you have to click on every single link. You don't have to watch the whole video on that last one but every other one you do.
And then we graduated from the glorious Tustin High School as Tillers. Because Once a Tiller, Always a Tiller. And so we seperated and thought we would die but we didn't. And so you're going on a mission and I think I will at least die because who will I text at anytime during the day or night and they will know exactly what I was talking about but maybe I won't die and we will both rejoice when we get to see each other again! It will be grand!
Our family has always included you as family and I know you will come back as a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ and your companions will love you and you will have no problem talking to anyone because you are a talker and go teach the people of Africa how Heavenly Father has a plan for each of them! You are going to be great Sister Avacado! Love you and cannot wait to hear all of your stories and experiences!
P.S. I'm very proud of myself for not crying while writing this so you shouldn't either. Also for some reason these are the only pictures on my computer. I have much better pictures somewhere but not on my computer.
Sorry this is a weird link but it was five minutes to midnight like ten minutes ago here and I can't leave out Boys Like Girls.

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