Friday, November 2, 2012

Roommate Photo Shoot!

A couple of weeks ago my roommates and I took pictures for our Christmas card. We went to Provo Bicentennial Park which had a lovely bridge, park, and marshy area and it was full of trees and autumm leaves. It was great! Thanks to Laci, who was in our ward last year, she did a great job taking our pictures. Her website is so check her out!
Anyway here are some of the pictures!
I think we should be on an album cover.

It took a lot of effort to get all four of us on this thing. I'm surprised we didn't break it.

I love my roommates and have been very very blessed with their friendship and loyalty for my college years. They're the best and now Shelby Wood is going on a mission and I am going to have to find a new roommate! I love these girls!!!

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