Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Days

There is only a week left before school starts again and this past week has been pretty busy.
I got off the airplane and went straight to the pool to see my family. All of my nieces and nephews were there and Tyler, Melinda, Shauna, Tiffany, Erin, Savannah, Mom and Dad were there too.

This is the best picture I could get of all of my little angels.

Erin and I drove to Utah together....I should actually say that I drove to Utah while Erin was asleep. Can I just say I do not like her car at all....the whole soft top thing...not for me especially when driving 9ish hours in the middle of nowhere. And can't you tell how excited we are!!!

If you haven't had the red velvet pancakes from IHOP, you are missing out. They were so good! I didn't taste too much red velvet but the cream cheese frosting on the pancakes was superb! It wasn't too sugary or sweet, I thought it was perfect.

Erin, Mom and I went to the Brigham City Utah temple open house on Saturday. It was wonderful and if you are in Utah between now and September 15th go check it out! You can see what times to go at . It was so wonderful and beautiful and I truly know that these places that are spotting the earth are the Lord's houses. The peaceful feeling and the joy that is felt has no other explanation. I cannot wait for the day to be sealed to my future husband (whoever he is) for time and all eternity and to create an eternal family.

After the open house we went to Grandma Sundberg's house and chatted with her and Aunt Meg. We watched President Monson's 85th birthday celebration and then headed to Aunt Lynne and Uncle Cliff's house. Seeing family reminds me of how perfect and wonderful Heavenly Father's plan really is.

Tomorrow Erin and I move into our new apartment complex. I'm super excited and so there will probably be another post about that within the week!

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