Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Beginning

So I told myself not to start a blog until I got married but I can't wait any longer. So here goes my attempt to blog.

As of right now I plan to do a sort of 365 days thing on a blog rather than on Facebook. We will see how that goes. School is starting back up in a couple weeks and so starting on a blog now is good because in a couple of weeks my life will be quite busy with work, school, homework, church, and all the other things that life brings.

So I guess I will give a recap of my summer....these pictures are not going to be in order because I'm too lazy to figure out what happened when and then organize the pictures.

At some point during the summer, a few friends and I drove down to Cedar City area and watched the solar eclipse.

I went longboarding for the first time ever and fell a few times but this will not stop me from trying again, I will just have to go with very patient people.  It was quite fun and would have been much more fun if I did not have a time constraint.

I went home in June for Erin's graduation and while there Dad, Savannah, Ciera and I went to an Angel's game. I do love baseball and I just saw the movie Moneyball and will be owning that very soon.

Melinda and the girls came up to Provo for a Grandma Sundberg's summer party in June so I got to hang out with them for a little while. I LOVE when family visits.

A group of us went down to Manti to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. It was fun to be with friends and I am definitely glad I have now seen this performance.

Shauna and Freddy and the boys got sealed for time and all eternity in April and it was such an exciting weekend to be with family. Shauna and Freddy have beat a lot of odds and I am so proud of them and love them so much!

I got to spend a week with Savannah while Erin, Mom, and Dad were on their trip so we went to my work and did lots of fun things together.

Rylin got baptized! It was another wonderful day for our family. She has grown up so much and I cannot believe it!

That's pretty much it. It's a long post but oh well.

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